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Child Bereavement Program



At the start of 2021, we announced a new collaboration with UK-based charity Child Bereavement UK to bring music to bereaved children and young people. Child Bereavement UK helps children and young people, parents and families, to rebuild their lives when a child grieves and when a child dies.

We have been providing Child Bereavement UK with a new content series which consists of well-established artists, musicians, songwriters, and music producers, doing exclusive performances for children and young people supported by Child Bereavement UK, and giving inspirational commentary about their music, what music means to them, and how they have been able to channel particular times in their life through their work and a creative outlet. We have also donated a piano to the charity’s head office in High Wycombe alongside musical legend Jools Holland, and our partnership has been featured on Sky News, Good Morning Britain, and BBC Radio.


Jools Holland & Child Bereavement UK Team

“We are so happy to now be working in partnership with Child Bereavement UK; such an incredible, inspiring, and impactful organisation. We look forward to offering as much inspiration through music as we possibly can, to young people who are going through unimaginably hard times,” said Oli Rose, Global Development Director, Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

The idea is to not only entertain through the performances, but to also inspire the bereaved children and young people to connect and express themselves through creativity, whatever form that may take, whether it be playing an instrument, writing lyrics or poetry, or simply discovering new music that they can find connections with.

Clare Bullen, Head of Clinical Services, Child Bereavement UK said “Child Bereavement UK is delighted to partner with the Lang Lang Foundation. Young people we support tell us that creative activities, such as making music, really help them to express their feelings and cope with their grief; it’s fantastic to be able to share these inspirational films with our groups from such talented artists.”

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